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Welcome to Pfälzer Palette! (“ felt-zer pa-let-teh “) As an American artist living in Germany for almost thirty years, I would like to share this beautiful part of “old europe” with you. The Pfalz, (“the Palatinate”) is in the southwestern part of Germany bordering France. In the heart of the Palatinate Forest lies the little town of Trippstadt, where most of the courses are held. Trippstadt is a health resort known for its clean air and excellent water. It is also a painters’ paradise: You will find painting motifs everywhere you look and within an hour you can be in France, or in the quaint villages and vinyards of the Rhine Valley.

Our classroom in Trippstadt was once the stable of a 19th century post inn. Recently renovated, it is attached to one of the best restaurants and beer gardens in Trippstadt. Speaking of gastronomy, a subject near and dear to a painter’s heart, there are many excellent restaurants featuring specialities typical of our area, not the least of which is freshly caught trout and game to be enjoyed with the excellent beers and wines of Rheinland-Pfalz.

If you like to paint, or would like to learn to paint, if you enjoy nature and painting with a group of friendly people with similar interests, you will enjoy painting with us. Pfälzer Palette will provide an experience that you will long remember and treasure.

The courses are taught in German and English.