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Nr. Zeitraum Kurs
1. 27. – 29. March

2. 24. – 26. April

3. 26. – 28. June SUMMER LANDSCAPE
4. 29. July – 6. Aug. painting holiday FISCHERHUDE*
5. 21. – 23. Aug. FOREST AND MOOR
6. 02. – 04. Oct. AUTUMN IMPRESSIONS
7. 07. – 08. Nov. THE MAGIC OF WINTER


We meet at 6 o’clock Friday evening in the restaurant, BRUNNENSTÜBL, Hauptstr. 57 in Trippstadt, for dinner, course introduction and to get to know one another. We „work“ Saturday 9:00–12:00 and 2:00–5:00. A variety of painting subjects will be offered each weekend. Painting demonstrations and constructive critique round out the course. The course ends Sunday evening at 5 pm.


Kurs-Nr.: 1 27.-29. March
Course fee € 80,-

This special course is designed for American art teachers. It lets you break out of the work routine and rediscover the artist within you. We paint for the sheer enjoyment of it, surrounded by grown-ups, experimenting with new techniques and new ways of thinking. No talking shop allowed!


Kurs-Nr.: 2 24.-26. April
Course fee € 80,-

Spring! When natures awakening brings thoughts of…PAINTING! After the drab grays and browns of winter, how refreshing are those delicate greens of the trees; how invigorating the riot of color in the flower beds. (sigh!) This course helps you bring the freshness of spring to your paintings.


Kurs-Nr.: 3 26.-28. June
Course fee € 80,-

It is wonderful to paint on those sunny summer days, but when it comes to all those greens many of us are stymied. With the beautiful juicy greens of early summer in the Pfalz as our subject, you will learn how to create them and use them for maximum effect in your paintings.

Painting Holiday F I S C H E R H U D E, GERMANY

Kurs-Nr.: 4 18. - 26. July
Course fee € 280,-


At the end of the 19th century, the little farm village of Worpswede near Bremen was made famous in the art world through the Worpswede art colony established there in 1889 by Ludwig II’s former court painter, Fritz Mackensen. He was soon joined by other artists also seeking to live simple peasant lives for their art. Eschewing the academic art of the time, they modeled themselves after the French Impressionists and were among the forerunners of German Expressionism. The most prominent painters among them were Paula Modersohn-Becker, Otto Modersohn, Fritz Overbeck, Heinrich Vogeler and Bernhard Hoetger.

Trading on its past glory, Worpswede has now become artsy-touristy, but never the less, still worth a visit.

Fischerhude, on the other hand, only 10 km away and home to Otto Modersohn, has retained those qualities which were so appealing to artists long ago. Of course it now also has restaurants and cafes, but Fischerhude still has the charming, unpretentious feeling of a farm village. You have never seen anything like it. Beautiful half-timber and brick house/barns with thatched roofs, are shaded by majestic old oak trees. Horses graze on the village green in the center of the village. are all within walking distance; all yours for the painting. Three small streams wind their way around and through the village reflecting quaint wooden bridges and the duck houses which make Fischerhude unique. This is big sky country where the flatness of the surrounding moors and farmland makes for spectacular skies and stunning sunsets. All these motifs are within walking distance of each other; all yours for the painting. You are going to love this place.

Please check out these websites:
Also, you can come by my studio; I have some great photos and information about the artists who worked in the area.

To get you oriented and help you get a feel for the history of the place, our week will start with a guided walking tour of Fischerhude. One day during the week we will take the day off to visit the German Emigration Museum in Bremerhaven. By all accounts, this is a unique and unforgettable experience. It was voted the European Museum of the year in 2007.

Even though I have been in Fischerhude 3 times, I can never get enough of the place, and I am very excited about returning and sharing this marvelous painting adventure with you.


Kurs-Nr.: 5 21.-23. August
Course fee € 80,-

The heather is blooming on the Mehlingen Moor! Well, it better be because this course is planned to coincide with that glorious event.

One day we will paint in the lush forest near Trippstadt and the next day we will paint on the moor near Mehlingen. The magenta of heather is reminiscent of the lavender fields in Provence. Accented by birch and juniper trees against backdrop of the Donnersberg it is an unforgettable painting experience


Kurs-Nr.: 6 02.-04. October
Course fee € 80,-

The course is similar to Summer Landscape, but Nature is now dressed in the glowing hues of autumn providing us with an entirely new palette of colors. We will also be learning techniques for rain and fog and floating leaves.


Kurs-Nr.: 7 07.- 08. November
Course fee € 80,-

Not to worry! You won’t need to paint while freezing in the snow. This is a studio course. You will learn many techniques for capturing the beauty of winter. Since the use of your paper as white is a fundamental rule in traditional watercolor, this course is excellent practice for beginners.


Although a small selection of paints, paper and brushes is available, it is best that you bring your own materials with you. If you need materials, please call me before you go out and buy them. For painting on location, a light stable easel which adjusts to a horizontal position is advisable and of course, a camping stool. Call me if you have questions.


We will be happy to book a hotel room for you. A pleasant room with shower and WC can be had in Trippstadt for around € 35 per night, incl. Frühstück. Just note your room preferences on the registration form. Of course you don’t need a reservation if you live in the area or will be staying with a friend.


A reservation is valid upon receipt of an advance payment of 50 % of the course fee. Should you not be able to take part in a course for which you are booked, please notify us at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the course. You will get full refund and it allows us to give your place to someone else. By cancellations later than 4 weeks prior, there is a 20% cancellation fee. No shows forfeit the entire fee. Naturally if a course is cancelled, your entire payment will be refunded.

And this is how to find us:

You can easily get to Trippstadt by the B-270 from Vogelweh…direction Waldfischbach,Pirmasens. If you come from further away, you reach us by the Autobahn A 6 Frankfurt-Mannheim-Saarbrücken. Exit Kaiserslautern West. direction Waldfischbach. After about 10 km. you come to a well marked road to the left, TRIPPSTADT, JOHANNISKREUZ, KARLSTAL. The picturesque Karlstal begins here and Trippstadt lies on this road.

If you would rather come by train, your destination is Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof (main train station). Let us know your arrival time and we will pick you up