Beverly B. Nevers

Pfälzer Palette


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The classes are kept small to insure individual instruction. Classroom courses are limited to 15 students, the “on location” and painting holidays to 12 students.

In most courses experienced and less experienced painters make for a creative mixture that is of advantage to both. Students learn not only from the instructor, but also from each other. Special emphasis is also given to teaching the basics. Daily demonstrations illustrating the techniques needed for the subject at hand, and group and individual critique round out the courses to help you to learn.

The informal atmosphere of the courses is renowned and in spite of concentrated work and learning, there is always a good bit of laughter. Weather permitting; we prefer to work from nature because the best paintings are created when one experiences his subject with all his senses. There is something magical to painting while listening to the birds singing, the breeze rustling the leaves, smelling the flowers and feeling the warmth of the sun on your back.

Our classroom is the former stable of a 19th century Post hotel. Recently renovated, it is attached to one of the best restaurants in Trippstadt so without stretching it too far you could say our classroom has a beer garden! This gets us around to food, a subject near and dear to a painter’s heart. We have many excellent restaurants featuring specialities typical of the Pfalz, not the least of which is freshly caught trout and game to be enjoyed with the excellent beers and wines of Rheinland-Pfalz. In short, a course with Pfälzer Palette is a total experience that you will long remember and treasure.